Unlock Your

Cash Back

15% cash back of your representing Realtor's commission
Cash back on your home purchase


Home purchase price is 300K with a Real Estate commission of 10% or 3% 

Resale at 3%

New construction 10%

$300K x 10% = $30,000.  x 15% =

$4500.  In Your Pocket

$300K x 3%= $9000. then x 15% = 

$1350.  In Your Pocket

  • Realtor commissions vary on every transaction, and the percent of cash back will vary depending on the terms.
  • 15% cash back is based on your representing agent’s portion of the commission.

How exactly does the process work?


When a buyer or seller, or investment group are seeking our services, and would like more information on the process.


They would contact us. We would take down all the information, explaining our services, and contact the best suited real estate agent or agency group in the area where the client is interested in buying and or selling.


When a local real estate agent or group has been contacted in the desired area for You, the next step would be for us to speak with the agent that's going to be handling the transaction, and convey known needs, and specifics on the property.


The agent will go over all of the information prior to viewing any property, or going into any contractural agreements with you.


When the buyer or seller or investment group makes the decision to move forward, the agent representing would present a buyer or seller agency agreement, and within that agreement will specify the conditions of the rebate going back to the client, and any other terms discussed & agreed upon.


When all parties are satisfied with the conditions of the contract (including the rebate, all parties would sign, and the agent will begin the process of either listing the property for sale, or finding potential properties to purchase.


The process is straight forward, and the rebate will be paid at the end of a successful closing. Everyone will have copies of the agreement for the rebate, and any other terms involved and agreed on.


Unfortunately, rebates for clients from real estate transaction commissions are banned in a few states.

According to the United States Department of Justice:

In most states brokers compete on price for consumers' business. However, ten states have enacted laws that forbid brokers from offering refunds, denying consumers the benefits of price competition and driving prices higher than they would be in a more competitive market.


Some states ban brokers from offering cash rebates to consumers.

States Where Rebates are Banned:

Rebates in your state: Click a state on the map or select a state from the list to learn about state laws or regulations affecti
North Dakota allows rebatesAlaska prohibits rebatesUtah allows rebatesOhio allows rebatesNew Mexico allows rebatesColorado allows rebatesMissouri prohibits rebatesMaryland allows rebatesDelaware allows rebatesWyoming allows rebatesDistrict of Columbia allows rebatesMassachusetts allows rebatesSouth Carolina allows rebatesFlorida allows rebatesIdaho allows rebatesDelaware allows rebatesIndiana allows rebatesLouisiana prohibits rebatesArizona allows rebatesKentucky allows rebatesPennsylvania allows rebatesNew Hampshire allows rebatesVirginia allows rebatesConnecticut allows rebatesSouth Dakota allows rebatesMassachusetts allows rebatesWisconsin allows rebatesNew Jersey allows rebates - Rebates allowed to the buyer onlyMississippi prohibits rebatesMichigan allows rebatesVermont allows rebatesAlabama prohibits rebatesMontana allows rebatesIllinois allows rebatesGeorgia allows rebatesCalifornia allows rebatesMaine allows rebatesNew York allows rebatesMaryland allows rebatesKansas prohibits rebatesVermont allows rebatesOklahoma prohibits rebatesRhode Island allows rebatesHawaii allows rebatesRhode Island allows rebatesNorth Carolina allows rebatesWashington allows rebatesArkansas allows rebatesConnecticut allows rebatesTennessee prohibits rebatesNevada allows rebatesWest Virginia allows rebatesTexas allows rebatesNebraska allows rebatesMinnesota allows rebatesOregon prohibits rebatesDistrict of Columbia allows rebatesNew Hampshire allows rebates

Information text & images in this section courtesy by the United States Department of Justice:


Real estate

Real estate transaction percentages vary depending on arrangements between realtors in different markets. 

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